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   Toilet Paper Giveaway

Submit Entries for Sunday, October 25, 2020

Get the Straight Poop
about this Giveaway


Ok, so who can enter?
Anyone in the USA that is between 18 and 150 years of age.

And when are the drawings?
All weekly entries must be submitted by Sunday 12midnight CST.

How exactly do I enter?
Pick 5 sets of numbers. Each set of numbers will consist of 5 random numbers. Numbers picked are between 1 and 99.

What can I win?
The prizes are listed below. All Prizes have to be claimed within 7 days of winning.

Our Weekly Prizes

5 Correct1,200 rolls or $600 Cash
4 Correct96 rolls or $48 Cash
3 Correct12 rolls or $6 Cash
2 Correct2 Extra Entries
1 Correct1 Extra Entry

Next Giveaway
Sunday, October 25, 2020

When are the results posted?
Results will be posted every Monday by 12noon CST. We will send you an email. You can also login to your membership on this website and you can see your results on the Member Homepage at any time.

How are the winning numbers drawn?
We use the same Random number generator that you use to select your numbers.

Want all of the detailed rules? Click here for a complete list of dodo's and dodo nots.

Submit Entries for Sunday, October 25, 2020