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Hello and Welcome!

Toilet Paper Giveway holds a Free Weekly Drawing in which our members try to win anywhere from Extra Entries up to 1,200 Rolls of TP by guessing what numbers we will select.

Once a week after they have submitted their entries, they are asked to validate them by selecting (1) one Sponsor Ad from a list of 10 random ads.

We Want You to Be a Sponsor!

Toilet Paper Givewaway is currently searching for people or businesses that are wanting to receive quality traffic at a very affordable price and is easy to order.

Some of the Sponsorship Benefits are:

  • Quality Visitors that actually visit you

  • Lead info from clicks that include email, name, location, ip address, age and sex

  • Any click a member makes is added to their dashboard so they can easily find their way back to you again and again

  • A Sponsor dashboard that has the ability to pause, restart and edit ads
Member Demographics:
US only and 18+ only
60% Women and 40% Men
10% use 4-Ply, 14% 3-Ply, 69% 2-Ply, 7% 1-Ply
75% put TP on over, 25% under

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