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   Toilet Paper Giveaway

Enter Every Day - Win Every Week!

Toilet Paper Giveaway has a
Free Weekly Drawing where you can
Win up to 1,200 rolls of Toilet Paper
You can submit 5 Daily Entries

Our Weekly Prizes

5 Correct1,200 rolls or $600 Cash
4 Correct96 rolls or $48 Cash
3 Correct12 rolls or $6 Cash
2 Correct2 Extra Entries
1 Correct1 Extra Entry

Next Giveaway
Sunday, December 6, 2020

Get the Straight POOP

Legal US Residents
18 and Older only
Limit 5 Entries per Day per Person

How To Submit Daily Entries
Pick 5 Sets of Numbers (1 - 99)
Enter Your Email Address
How To Win
Guess One or More Numbers Correctly

Pick Own Numbers
Entry 1
Entry 2
Entry 3
Entry 4
Entry 5

Email that we can let you know you won


How to Pick Your Own Numbers

To pick your own numbers, just pick five (5) numbers between 01 - 99 for each of the five entries .

DO NOT pick the same number more than once on an entry. If you do, the entry will not be eligible to win.

To make it easier, if you want to pick a single digit number like "5" enter "05" and it will move to the next number automatically.
For example: 05, 09, 52, 67, 88


Courtesy of this Sponsor our Giveaway is Free

Courtesy of this Sponsor our Giveaway is Free